Danicia Ambron graduated  from Columbia University where she was an NCAA swimmer and was  inducted in the Columbia Athletics Hall of Fame in 2012.   She lived in Manhattan for almost 20 years where she opened her own Yoga Studio, attended Swedish Institute for Massage Therapy, got married, had 2 children, and then moved to Westchester in 2012 for a change of pace.  With a busy NYC family and business owner, she never got the opportunity to formally bring a dog into her home but she conveniently  ‘found’ a few dogs that she brought home and decided that the experience of giving a dog a second chance so rewarding that she officially became a foster mom for Waggintrain Rescue, a non-profit dog rescue group that mainly pulls Bully Breeds, Mastiffs, and Rotties from New York City shelters.   As someone without formal dog training experience at the time, she used to bring in Certified Dog Trainers to assess and help her work with the dogs she took in.   The cats, young children, and busy city environment proved too much for most of her fosters, although they sometimes stayed with Danicia and her family for as long as 8 months until the absolute perfect home was found.   During this time, she was also volunteering for the Pets for Life program of the Humane Society by taking the emergency hotline calls and directing the clients to proper resources to prevent surrendering their pets.  

      It was a natural progression for her to enroll in Animal Behavior College’s year long program so she was skilled enough to handle the dogs she was drawn to saving.  During her externship at Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Brooklyn, she was lucky enough to have a wonderful CPDT mentor, Viviane Arzoumanian, who encouraged her to become an official dog trainer for the Pets for Life Program as well as continue on to becoming a CPDT-KA.    It would be an understatement to say the cases she was called to assist with were challenging on so many levels that it required not just dog training savvy, but determination, quick thinking, and the ability to communicate clearly with the pet owners as well as agencies like Building Managements/Landlords and Department of Health.  She has worked with DOH and HSUS on specific bite hold cases and prides herself on being an intelligent voice that rules with rational thought and knowledge.  Danicia treats every case using behavioral science assessments and also follows through with functional analysis of the intervention to be sure the outcome will be safe and in best interest of everyone involved.

     In 2010, Danicia devoted her passion for dogs into a full-time pursuit while enjoying watching her kids enter the tween-years.   After helping a few local shelter and animal organizations, it was clear that her passion and experience with large breed shelter dogs would immediately make an impact at the city shelter in Mount Vernon.  The dog assessments, training programs, adoption assistance, and volunteer education have been a tremendous success during her 4 years as trainer at this shelter.  The shelter transformed from a dirty facility with untrained staff and over 34 dogs to a positive and happy place where dogs have a real chance at a wonderful life in a forever home.  In 2015, Danicia moved on to a broader population of dogs in many different shelters and this continues to be the uphill battle that she chooses to fight because she believes strongly that dogs, specifically those labeled, "Pit Bulls," deserve the same chance as any other dog.   Her speciality is being creative in problem solving and finding solutions that work with both the dog and the human world.  

    In 2017, her strong undergraduate background in the sciences led her to further her behavioral education to become a Certified Behavioral Canine Consultant and will be working towards a Masters in Applied Behavior to become a positive voice and presence in the dog community.  Being able to TEACH humans how to better understand and change their dog's behavior is paramount and an integral part of Danicia's approach and experience.  

**Since consistency is SO important for the success of your dog's training, I am so grateful to be partnered with a terrific experienced dog walker/dog sitter who has worked with me for years and will be sure to continue the work we start. This will help dog owners keep up a happy and healthy dog and feel like they are getting continued support for any of the issues that need improvement without having a full training session.  We also offer amazing and effective 4 week packages were we work as a team to make training most cost and time efficient for the family.   Please contact us for more information.

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